Facial Aging Deconstructed

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Facial aging is a multi-factorial process and so it follows that rejuvenation treatments address all facets of the aging process:

  1. Our Skin: As our skin ages it thins and it can accumulate spots, wrinkles and poor texture. Although we attribute most of these skin changes to ‘natural aging’  it is in fact primarily due to the cumulative and deleterious effects of UV exposure over a life time. It is sun damage that is the primary damager and ager of the skin – not your chronological age.  The silver lining here is that much of what we have accepted as ‘natural aging’ is in fact reversible and preventable. Technological innovation and advances in skin cosmeceuticals now provide us with a potent ability to improve skin health and Beauty.  The only path to skin Beauty is restoring your skin back to its healthy state.
  2. Deflation and loss of volume:  As we age we lose facial volume.  Loss of fat pads and bone stock means there is less structural support for our overlying skin envelope.  Deflation, lines and hollows inevitably result. A variety of dermal fillers of differing properties can be used to restore facial volume in a seamless, harmonized way.  It is important to choose your injector well so that this can be done safely and expertly for you – check to make sure that they are either a board certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist.  In the hands of an expert injector youthful contours can be restored and problematic hollows and lines can be smoothed out -always looking natural and never looking like you’ve had any work done.
  3. Neuromodulation using Botox ® or Dysport ® is an important way to treat the lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. Discrete and selective relaxation of specific over-used muscle groups can help us looked relaxed and refreshed.

The take home message on Facial Aging: 

Given that ‘aging’ is multi-factorial process it only follows that treatment options should be multi-faceted and integrated to address all aspects of aging.  There is no ONE magic bullet that will address all aspects of your aging process. Harmonized and natural looking results can arise from well designed and customized facial rejuvenation plans that can be tailored to your needs – and to your budget.